Storage Battery Systems, LLC


A leading manufacturer of Forklift Batteries, Stationary Batteries, UPS Batteries, & Battery Testing Equipment. Established in 1915, Storage Battery Systems LLC has become renowned for providing DC Power Solutions for stationary & Forklift / Motive Power applications. From flooded battery cells, to sealed VRLA strings, from Ni-Cad jars to Lithium-ION rechargeable battery packs,

NEPA Project
SBS has developed a reputation for delivering superior performance & dedication to customer service. At SBS, we offer a wide variety of DC products and services for Stationary & Utility applications, Motive Power / Forklift / Palletjacks & Material Handling application requirements that can enhance and maximize the performance you get from your application.

Flooded Batteries

20 year low maintenance designs

Nickel – Cadmium Batteries

For extreme applications

Valve Regulated Batteries

Sealed = little/no maintenance

Standard and Seismic Battery Racks

600V Class using power circuit breakers

Spill Containment Systems

Custom DC Enclosures

Float Chargers

Maintenance Chargers

Battery Accessories and Maintenance Supplies

Battery Test Equipment